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Do you wish to get involved in the latest technological innovation? Do you want to learn more about Startup Nation, and meet the best brains behind the most advanced technologies used today?

I normally publish technical articles about technologies, solutions, workarounds, and more. Today, I will write a blog post that is slightly different; it is an invitation. An invitation? Let me explain…

Last week I came across an Ad on Facebook and Twitter that invited the reader to participate in a competition called “Start-Up Pitching Competition.” It described how a participant could register to join the competition, and share their ideas of an early-stage Biotech or Digital Health startup.

I looked deeper into the subject and learned that this competition is sponsored by the Israeli Embassy in Australia. It was directed at young Australians between the ages of 20-35 years, and required only that participants share their idea on an early stage startup biotech or digital health proposal, impress the judges, and win the prize.

The Australian winner of the pitching competition will be sent on an all-expenses-paid trip to Israel for a week-long intensive program in Jerusalem. This program will include mentoring, various startup activities, fireside chats, and learning about the experiences of local innovation legends in the Startup Nation.

Applications are now open for the pitching competition; it will take place in mid-October in Sydney in front of innovation and business professionals and academics. The online applications for this closes on 8 October 2018.

I believe this is a fantastic opportunity for young entrepreneurs who have early-stage startups in mind. This blog wants to know if you are interested in submitting your idea, or if you would like to be a judge, or have someone in mind who you think could forward on this information to potential participants in their circle of friends.

For more information and an application form, click on the link for the pitching competition here:

Details of the Start JLM intensive program for the start up journey to Jerusalem can be found at this link:

Details can also be found and shared through our Facebook page and Twitter page:




As someone who came from that part of the world, I can strongly encourage anyone with a great startup idea to register and participate. It’s a great opportunity to meet with people who build their lives around technology and innovation. You will meet interesting people who take innovation and startups as a way of life, and make their living building and selling startups.

In addition to the learning and experience, you will get the opportunity to enjoy what Israel has to offer if you made it to the final. The best part, it is all free… I wish I could be in the competition.

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