Welcome to the CloudOasis blog. I am Hal Yaman, I am passionate about anything related to Cloud Computing, Datacenter technologies, Virtualization, Data Management and Automation. 

I started the CloudOasis blog four years ago to share my personal experience in the Cloud Computing IT space; in particular, the areas I mentioned above. With your support as readers, the blog has become a personal branding site where I can share my Cloud Computing experiences with the wider IT community, where I and others can learn from your feedback and suggested improvements. 

The CloudOasis blog contributes to the community in several different ways. It is targeted at junior level IT people just starting out, up to advanced level IT professionals. One way I can share my experience and knowledge is to write about the topics I cover with as many as screenshots as I can to ensure the reader can grasp the necessary steps when setting up a technology feature. Another way I can share my experience is by recordings using CloudOasis “CloudCast sessions” on the blog and the blog YouTube channel.

The other area the CloudOasis blog focuses on is development and automation of tasks specific to Datacenter or Cloud technologies using Command line tools, PowerShell Scripting and coding using Restful APIs and more. All these tools shared on this blog are free for use by the community.

Blog Disclaimer:

All views expressed on this site (CloudOasis) are my own and do not represent the opinions or view of any entity whatsoever with which I have been, am now, or will be affiliated. 

About Me:

IMG_0054 30x40'Hal Yaman (B.Sc) – Microsoft MVP and VMware vExpert is a senior IT professional with more than 20 years of experience in the IT industry. He has a strong background in data centre infrastructure, cloud technologies, storage, networking and Data Management. Hal Yaman sees himself as a bridge between business and technology, helping organisations to close the gap between business requirements and technology requirements for Datacenter technologies, Cloud Adoption and Data Management.

Hal’s IT career has taken him from system administrator on several successful startups to senior solutions architects lead. He is providing strategic solutions for large, complex and multi-faceted environments establishing solutions blueprints and developing new tools to enhance product capabilities to speed up customer product adoptions. 

In addition to the IT career, Hal Yaman is a holder of an Airline Transport Pilot (ATPL-H). During his free time and weekends, he is working as a Helicopter flight instructor at Sydney airport.