Resume Veeam Failed Backup Jobs

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What are your options if you wish to automate the resumption of backup jobs on your Veeam Backup server after a failover? Is there a way to automatically resume your backup jobs after switching over to the Veeam Backup server?

As you may be aware, Veeam does not offer an “out-of-the-box” High Availability function for it own backup server. The reason is probably that the simplicity of deploying and recovering the backup server might you such an option redundant.  You can read more about the steps on this link. However, you might also like to have an HA function for its convenience.

One of the ways to protect the Veeam Backup server, and to offer High Availability to the Veeam Backup server, is to replicate the backup server using the Veeam Backup & Replication product. Or you could use the VMware vSphere replication Tool

To accomplish a complete High Availability solution for the Veeam Backup server, it is important that after the failover has happened, the Replica Veeam backup server automatically resumes the backup jobs.

To accomplish the automatic resumption after a failover, you can use Veeam PowerShell to initiate the resumption of failed backup jobs. It requires a few simple steps, and can be automated by adding the following PowerShell commands to the post-failover script:

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The following commands check the status of each Backup and Replication Job. They will resume, or retry, each failed Backup job and Replication Job:

Get-VBRJob | where {$_.Jobtype -eq “Backup” -and $_.GetLastResult() -eq “Failed”} | Start-VBRJob -RetryBackup

Get-VBRJob | where {$_.JobType -eq “Replica” -and $_.GetLastResult() -eq “Failed”} | Start-VBRJob -RetryBackup

Get-VBRJob | where {$_.Jobtype -eq “Backup” -or $_.JobType -eq “Replica” -and $_.GetLastResult() -eq “Failed”} | Start-VBRJob -RetryBackup


These steps, together with the steps in the previous blog post where I told you about protecting the Veeam Backup server, allowed the Service Provider mentioned at the top of the page to implement an easy and straightforward HA solution for his Veeam Backup server.

Testing was carried out, adjustments were made, and the finished solution was implemented in the PRODUCTION environment. These easy steps have become the cornerstone of his Veeam High Availability solution. “Easy, and very effective.” … is how he described it.


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