Under5 – Veeam v11 New Capabilities Demo


To help organizations cover the more demanding aspects of their service level agreements, a vendor like Veeam must keep enhancing their products to fit into these new and demanding requirements of their data protection strategies. The question now is: “How can an organization keep its technical workforce

skilled and trained with the capabilities to meet these new requirements?”

The technical team is a very important part of the workforce of any organization. Their day is taken up with the many scheduled and unscheduled tasks, sometimes to the point of overload, that must be completed to keep the business up and running; or in other words, generating money.

The technical teams can sometimes struggle to find the time necessary to keep up with the requirements of their vendors product enhancements and new feature releases.

To overcome this challenge, I am introducing a new concept called “Under5 Tech Talk“. In this new concept, I will introduce a new feature or technology and will demonstrate it in five minutes.

To get my new concept started, I have chosen to start with a run through the Veeam version 11 beta release. This new release includes many enhancements and features, some of which are listed here:

  • Continuance Data Protection – CDP
  • Archive Tier (Azure and AWS)
  • NAS Instant Recovery
  • SQL Instant Recovery
  • Google Cloud Storage support
  • and more

Rather than explain each feature, which I am sure many other bloggers already have done, I will use my Under5 TechTalk concept to get you started with a demonstration of each feature. The demonstration will include any third party configuration demonstration that is available, and then tie that into the new feature of the Veeam release.

So, with no further delay, let’s get started with:

Veeam Archive Tier – Azure

For more information on Veeam Archive Tier – Azure, please contact your local Veeam support team.

Veeam Continuance Data Protection – CDP

For more information on Veeam Continuance Data Protection – CDP, please contact your local Veeam support team.

Veeam NAS Instant Recovery 

For more information on Veeam NAS Instant Recovery, please contact your local Veeam support team.

Veeam SQL Database Instant Recovery – Coming Soon



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