vCD 9.7 MKS: Internal Error

176252Did you upgrade to VMware vCloud Director and are now experiencing the “Unable to connect to the MKS: Internal error.”? Or you just deployed a new vCloud Director cell, and getting the MKS error when trying to connect to a tenant VM?

Last week I deployed the new vCD 9.7 Appliance (you can read about the steps I took to deploy the appliance by clicking on this link) and went through the familiar configuration. As I was preparing the Service Provider VDC and then the tenant resources, things were going just fine until I wanted to connect to a newly created VM to start my OS deployment. As I attempted to connect to the VM Remote Console, I was greeted with the error message in this screenshot.


Prior to vCD 9.7, I was solving this issue by modifying the Public Addresses, production and proxy URLs, and the certificate chain.

Unfortunately, in vCD 9.7, those steps did not work this time. However, after some research, I found that VMware has stated that if you deployed the vCloud Director appliance, you must also configure the vCloud Director public console proxy address. You must do this because the appliance uses a single IP address with custom port 8443 for the console proxy service.

The Fix

So, to fix the “Unable to connect…” message, you must add the 8443 port to the URL on the vCloud Director public console proxy address.


After this has been done, you will be able to open the VM Remote Console.


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