How Veeam is Transforming the Cloud Backup Market

technical.jpgOne of the challenging aspects of my job is keeping up with all the cool and innovative products that Veeam R&D introduce every now and then. This blog will introduce you to another exciting product from Veeam. The product is the Veeam Availability Console; and yes, it a console if you just read the title.Though, when you look deeper, you will see that this console is design to introduce a manageability layer of several great Veeam products that you are probably already using.

These products are:

  • Veeam Backup and Replication;
  • Veeam Cloud Connect; and
  • New: Veeam Agent for Windows.

What makes this product unique is that when it is used, Veeam software will help service providers and/or enterprises solve the challenges related to Cloud backup, regardless of the cloud deployment module; i.e., Private, Public and/or Hybrid. With the Veeam Availability Console, Veeam software finds an innovative way to transform the cloud backup market just by using its own innovative products and tying them together in such a way that makes the deployment, configuration and management simple and straightforward.

If you are running your business on a multi-cloud deployment approach, then you are already aware of the challenge you face controlling your data backups across all your cloud deployments. No doubt you are also wondering how to securely back up your data across the WAN from remote employees. All these questions will be answered when you begin using Veeam Availability Console.

Veeam Availability Console will allow you to manage your backups to, and from, any cloud deployment, (cloud-2-cloud). You can also backup to a physical laptop as part of a remote user’s workload. How that will be done? To put it simply, Veeam Availability console is tied with Veeam Cloud Connect and Veeam Agent for Windows and Linux.  You will be able to control your remote and local backups using a web GUI after it is configured. You will also be able to push the new Veeam Agents to remote laptops, or to any physical workload to be managed centrally from the VAC.

For Service providers, the story will be the same; one deployment. You will be able to manage your customers’ backups remotely; including, laptops, physical workloads, and application servers. You can also quickly generate invoices based on backup management, storage consumption and more.


To keep you excited, I will keep this blog post very short, to invest the time preparing for the next blog on how to deploy and configure the Veeam Availability Console (After VeeamOn). On my next blog about this topic, we will discuss a real life customer challenge, and how Veeam VAC will help the service provider and the customer to solve the challenge of backing up across WAN, Hybrid Cloud and remote users, etc…

Stay tuned for the next VAC post. It will be a series of recorded videos to take you through the deployment of Veeam Availability Console (Azure Base) and Veeam Agents at the customer side. 

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